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Not sure what you need? We can help! 

Products and Pricing

Reports and Projects

Durationator Products


Starting at $1999

1 work

book, film, poem, photograph, sound recording, etc.

Example: Margaret Mitchell's Gone with the Wind (1936)

1 country

(protected by copyright or in the public domain)

Status in additional countries

$149 each

Search of Digital U.S. Copyright Office Registration and Renewal Records included

Includes calculations, citations, and supplemental legal information

Next step?  Contact us for a meeting about your potential project! 

Reports can take up to four week

Starting at $10,000

Have one work that needs the status in every country?

Have 500,000 works that need the status just in the U.S.?

We specialize in projects.

We can do the work. 

We can set up tools for your staff.


Free project consultation

General research questions

Litigation research support

Duration, fair use, termination of transfer, and other copyright topics

Any country in the world

Turnaround time dependent on project;

Expedited turnaround time possible at additional rate


Have lots of works? No problem!

We have Spreadsheet plans, starting at $25 per work.

Email us at for more information.

Subscription Plans

subscription Plans

Library, Archive, & Museum
Subscription Rates

An institutional subscription gives you expert assistance with your ongoing copyright issues and enables you to:

  • Order a Durationator Report for a given work or works.

  • Get help with a special project.

  • Search the digital U.S. Copyright Office Registration and Renewal Records.

  • Access the self-help copyright information library.

  • Benefit from shared knowledge from other subscribers' questions.

  • Gain assistance from Team Durationator.

Learn more about these services

  • From one work to thousands, for specific projects, or for general questions.
  • All types of works (for example: books, periodicals, newspapers, photographs, films, musical compositions, sound recordings, art).
  • Results returned as a Durationator Report, a spreadsheet set, or a customized format to meet your needs.
  • Email for a price quote.
Catalog of Copyright Entries Subscription Starting at $5,000 annually
  • Access to the searchable Durationator Version of the U.S. Copyright Office Catalog of Copyright Entries. (Registration and renewal records: 1891-1977.)
  • Foreign works add-on available for additional charge.
  • Specific projects related to the use of the Catalog of Copyright Entries begin at $2500, with a free assessment of projects.
Institutional Subscription
Every institutional subscription includes:
  • Durationator Version of the U.S. Copyright Office Catalog of Copyright Entries. (Registration and renewal records: 1891-1977.)
  • U.S. jurisdiction only.
  • Instructional assistance in searching historical and current U.S. copyright records.
  • Access to Durationator Copyright Portal resources including Durationator Tools.
  • 25% discount on additional project-based work.
Additional charge:
  • Team Durationator support to help you.
1 login            $7,000 annually           
2 logins        $10,000 annually           
  3 logins        $15,000 annually           

Need just A

U.S. Registration

and rEnewal Search?

Open volume of the U.S. Copyright Office Registration and Renewal Records

The Durationator Copyright System makes it fast, easy, and affordable.


need Custom Options?

Custom options are available to meet your specific needs:


  • Auditing results

  • Custom searches for large projects

  • Consulting for projects

  • Integrations with systems

  • Large companies or multiple campus universities

  • Consortiums

  • Integrating Durationator into your products


And much more! Our system is flexible, and Team Durationator is ready to help you. Contact us to discuss how we can help you with your specific needs.

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