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Durationator has worked extensively with libraries, archives, and museums to understand the copyright problems these professional communities most often encounter and to create solutions specifically tailored to their needs.


These solutions come in many forms, and that's why Durationator is more than just a software tool. It's a developing set of sophisticated resources combined with Durationator's expert team to assist you in solving your copyright status determination problems easily, accurately, and quickly. And, in the process, to help you grow your copyright knowledge.


Subscribers receive answers and assistance quickly through the Durationator Copyright Portal, a workflow platform that streamlines communication and support. Via the Portal, subscribers can:


Order a Durationator Report for a given work or works.


This is Durationator's premier service, utilizing our proprietary software system to determine a work's copyright status and deliver that information in a precise and easy-to-understand manner. You can submit all of the relevant information about a work when you create the initial ticket, making the exchange quick and easy. We return results to you in an applicable format—Durationator Report or spreadsheet set. Team Durationator is available to help along the way if you have any questions.


Get help with a Special Project.


Have a specific project presenting particular copyright questions? Durationator has developed wide areas of expertise, including: 


  • All types of works, such as books, newspapers, periodicals, photographs, art, sound recordings, television, films, and archival materials. 

  • Projects involving digitizing foreign and domestic works in the U.S.

  • Copyright status for archival collections at both the collection and item level.

  • Questions about individual items from and for donors, patrons, faculty, and students.


Whatever the nature of your copyright project, Durationator can efficiently get you to a determination of a work's copyright status and help you clearly understand the factors that contribute to that status.


Search the digital U.S Copyright Office Registration and Renewal Records.


Need a title, author, or keyword search in the digital U.S. Copyright Registration and Renewal Records? Durationator uses proprietary search tools, the only ones of their kind, applied to the official digital version of the Catalog of Copyright Entries, electronically scanned by the Internet Archive for the U.S. Copyright Office. Information is provided from all 660 volumes of the records, 1891–1977, including all of the renewal records. Plus, Team Durationator is experienced in working with these records and can assist you to maximize the sophisticated search capabilities of our system, providing thorough, accurate results.


Access the self-help copyright informational library.


Wanting to learn more about copyright and copyright topics specifically related to your particular needs and interests? Durationator has spent over a decade researching and investigating topics relating to copyright duration. From this substantial knowledge base, Durationator has created a library of original copyright articles and information available at your fingertips when you need it. Continually being added to, this resource enables you to further develop your copyright knowledge now and in the future. Have a particular copyright topic you would like to have addressed that isn't currently in the library? Let us know, and we'll see about adding it.


Benefit from shared knowledge from other subscribers' questions.


Being a Durationator subscriber gives you the advantage of learning from the questions posed by other institutional subscribers. Solutions for tickets recognized as especially helpful to the wider library, archive, and museum community are repurposed and made available in the portal library. Knowledge gained from real-world institutional searches becomes a part of the resources and tools available to the rest of the community. 


Team Durationator—Here for you.


The Durationator philosophy is that we are here to help. We know how complicated copyright duration questions can be, and we understand the frustration that can arise as a result. Whatever copyright duration questions you may confront, Team Durationator is here for you, to determine the copyright status of the works involved in your project and to help you clearly understand the factors affecting their status. 


As a Durationator subscriber, you are no longer alone when it comes to getting answers to your copyright duration questions. Durationator is here for you as a full-service provider.

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Durationator. The solution you've been looking for.

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subscription rates
for libraries, archives, & Museums​​
  • From one work to thousands, for specific projects, or for general questions.
  • All types of works (for example: books, periodicals, newspapers, photographs, films, musical compositions, sound recordings, art).
  • Results returned as a Durationator Report, a spreadsheet set, or a customized format to meet your needs.
  • Email for a price quote.
Catalog of Copyright Entries Subscription       $5,000 annually
  • Access to a digital version of the U.S. Copyright Office Catalog of Copyright Entries. (Registration and renewal records: 1891-1977.)
  • Use of Durationator's proprietary software, allowing you to search, mark, and extract record images from the digital Catalog of Copyright Entries.
  • Instructional assistance in searching historical and current U.S. copyright records.
Institutional Subscription
Every institutional subscription includes:
  • Individual or multiple, related works, spreadsheet sets, and general questions.
  • All types of works (for example: books, periodicals, newspapers, photographs, films, musical compositions, sound recordings, art).
  • U.S. jurisdiction only.
  • Results returned as Durationator Reports or spreadsheet sets.
  • Access to a digital searchable version of the U.S. Copyright Office Catalog of Copyright Entries. (Registration and renewal records: 1891-1977.)
  • Instructional assistance in searching historical and current U.S. copyright records.
  • Access to Durationator Copyright Portal resources.
  • Team Durationator support to help you.
Small Institution         $7,000 annually          
Medium Institution    $10,000 annually          
Large Institution        $15,000 annually          

Institutions with whom we've worked:

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