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The Durationator Copyright Portal provides legal information about copyright and related subjects in a variety of forms.   



A Teaching Portal. Copyright is complicated, but it can be distilled into specific, manageable bites. Tools, articles, and Tickets allow us to teach you about the steps necessary for determining copyright status for any given dataset. A well-educated community enables copyright to thrive, and the boundaries between an ideacopyright, exceptions-to-copyright, and the public domain make us a stronger, more vibrant world.


TicketsYou submit a ticket request—to start a project, order a Durationator Report, or ask a question.

We process the data and send information. Sometimes this is a link to an article. Other times, we will have run a full Durationator Report. In still others, we might point you to a Durationator Tool to assist you with the question posed.


Durationator Tools. For libraries, bulk processing, termination of transfer, library exemptions, and many more


ArticlesEvery time we learn something new from a ticket, we make an article to share with the community. This includes new tools, tips, and tricks. You benefit from the community's queries. 


Access to U.S. Copyright registration and renewal recordsSometimes you need to access the U.S. copyright record to complete a search. We can help you identify when that is necessary. We provide access to the U.S. copyright records, both the current records (also available directly only at as well as our own database of the 1891–1977 records.  


Can I run my own searches? Yes, but not at first. We see our relationship with you in stages. We want you to be comfortable with the data needs of the system first, and then we will start running searches with our help. Then, you will be free to run your own searches, with us just an email, text, or phone call away.


Are you my attorney? No. We are not your attorney. We are here to help your attorney. We make access to legal information about copyright questions faster and more affordable. But we strongly encourage you to take the results and get advice on next steps with your attorney.


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