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U.S. Copyright Office Registration and Renewal REcords Search

Need a title, author, or keyword search in the digital U.S. Copyright Registration and Renewal Records?


Durationator offers quick searches of the records.


  • Submit a search request form. 


  • Team Durationator runs the search and quickly returns the results to you.


Want to know more about the duration status of a work? Easily upgrade to a Durationator Report.

A difficult task made easy, accurate, and affordable

Traditional searches of these records is expensive and impractical...


Typically, searches of the U.S. Copyright Records use the old card catalog at the U.S. Copyright Office. Having a person manually search the vast physical catalog is costly and time consuming. (The Copyright Office charges $200 an hour to search the records, and results can take up to 6 weeks to obtain.) Plus, the quality of the results is dependent on the individuals who are conducting the searches. 


Others have taken to searching individual volumes of published versions of the records (the Catalog of Copyright Entries) one by one. But this is an arduous process at best, making results prone to errors and omissions.


Still others use a tool developed by Stanford University to search the renewal records of books. It's handy, but it offers information only about book renewals.

Durationator does things differently...

We use our own proprietary search tools applied to the official digital version of the Catalog of Copyright Entries, electronically scanned by the Internet Archive for the U.S. Copyright Office.


Durationator provides information for all 660 volumes of the records, 1891–1977, including all of the renewal records.


Plus, Team Durationator is experienced in working with these records and trained to maximize the sophisticated search capabilities of our system, enabling thorough, accurate results to be returned to you quickly and affordably.

Durationator. The solution you've been looking for.


$ 75 for a basic search by title.


$199 for a basic search by author's name.


$299 for basic search for a keyword.

$3500 for annual subscription

Starting at $5000 for annual subscription + Durationator Tools to assist

Starting at $10,000 for annual subscription + Durationator Tools to assist + 1 project

Want to know the full duration status of the work?

Upgrade to a Durationator Report.

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