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Member Pricing

Two Options:  Reports and Subscriptions


Reports provide pricing for a specific set of works, an author or artist, or is asking a specfic question.  Discounts for struggling artists, musicans, scholars and students are available. 

You choose the jurisdiction(s) in which you want to use the work.

You input the data into a form.

We send you a Report.

What does a Report include?

Full Report:  three parts -- a table of results, summaries for each work in each jurisdiction, and detailed legal information (for lawyers) to trace the legal research and help advise on next steps.

Limited Report: table of results and summaries.  Detailed legal information available for additional fee.


Subscriptions are for those that will be running more than 3 reports a month.  This includes lawyers, universities, museums, libraries, pro bono legal clinics, and corporations with large copyright holdings



Additional Membership Benefits

Friday Sessions:  If you have a general question, we have open sessions where we discuss issues and questions on Fridays, 9-11 central each week.  You may pose a question by emailing:  We will have guests join us as well.


Community Forum:  We hope we can all learn from each other.


Learning Sessions:  We will be providing different opportunities for learning sessions.


Beta Reports:  For $50, we will run reports as part of our Beta process, for testing new aspects of the system.  We will be annoucing new countries, tools and other opportunities for these low-cost reports. As a member, you will be alerted to beta report opportunities.


Expert Network:  We are creating an expert network - to ask questions, to hire as for legal advice, to learn from.  

Report Options

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