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Demo Request

We currently are offering Durationator Digitization Subscription Package which includes our new tools and resources for clearing copyright for digitization projects.   And you can request a demo and/or discussion with our Team!


1.  Form.  Fill in the form to see if your institution is eligible for the Durationator Digitization Subscription Package.  Subscription prices are based on use, institution size, tools ordered, and level of assistance.  

2.  Team Durationator.  We will get you up to speed with the resources and tools that help making determining the copyright status easier.

We are focusing on libraries, museum and archives because of your expertise on data associated with works.  This is key to accurate results in our system.  We also believe that you are the guardians of our culture, and if we can get the Durationator perfected for your uses, we can assist you in that job, of delineating the boundaries between copyright and the public domain -- for digitizing, for patrons, for estates, for content holders, for scholars and others, for us all.

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