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Copyright Advisory Board


The board was put together when we were still a project at Tulane University.  It represents key people who advised, reviewed, discussed, and supported our work on the Durationator over the years.


Each of these individuals have been so kind to us over the years--conversations, willingness to answer questions, and patience.  

Christopher Bavitz (Harvard)

Robert Brauneis (George Washington)

Kyle Courtney (Havard)

Greg Cram (New York Public Library)

Kenneth Crews (Gibson,  Hoffman, and Pancione; Columbia University)

Deborah Gerhardt (University of North Carolina)

Daniel Gervais (Vanderbilt)

Paul Goldstein (Stanford)

Peter Hirtle (Cornell, Harvard's Berkman Center)

Pamela Samuelson (U.C. Berkeley)

Roberta Kwall (DePaul)

Peter Jaszi (American)

David Nimmer (Nimmer on Copyright)

Matthew Sag (Loyola, Chicago)

Robert Spoo (University of Tulsa)

Jule Sigall (Microsoft)

Peter Yu (Texas A&M)

Diane Zimmerman (NYU)


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