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U.S. Domestic Works in the United States

Complicated.  Different tools depending on so many factors.  Here are the tools.  Consult the Durationator Manual for when to use them!


Durationator Copyright Catalog of Copyright Entries Tool 

U.S. Copyright Office registration and renewal records, 1891-1977

Includes renewal records for works first published through 1949

All categories of records are included: art including reproductions, books, periodicals, pamphlets, commercial prints and labels, musical compositions, sound recordings, and maps, charts and atlases.


Search, Word Wheel Search, and Batch Processing.

You can also download specific volumes.

Search by keyword, publication and/or renewal year, type of work, and type of record. So many features!  You have to play.  The Durationator Manual explains each one.


Link for subscribers


Stanford Copyright Renewal Records, Books, Class A

Renewal records for books published 1923-1977

These include the CCE Records and records from the current U.S. Copyright Office renewal records.

Note: this only includes only Class A books.  It's a terrific resource.


Virtual Card Catalog, 1950-1977

This is in beta at the U.S. Copyright Office.  You can search the virtual card catalog for a set of years.  Try it!  It's fun.


U.S. Copyright Records, 1977-present

This is the official records.  


Onlinebooks CCE Record List

This is a list put together by John Mark Ockerbloom, which includes a list of what is contained in each of the CCE records, with links to (mostly) the Google scans housed at Google and HathiTrust.  A wonderful resource if you are trying to better understand these records.


The Durationator Beast

This is what started it all.  We coded everything.  EVERYTHING. All of U.S. law.  Every historical law.  Every law from every country. Fair use. Library uses.  Classroom uses. You name it, we researched, thought about it, and coded it.  Not open to the public, but we can do searches for you.  We hope to have direct use of this tool for a fee by 2020.


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