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Durationator Reports

One Work


1 work

  • a title of a book, film, poem, photograph, sound recording, etc.

  • Example: Margaret Mitchell's Gone with the Wind (1936)

1 country

(protected by copyright or in the public domain)

Status of additional countries:

$49 each

U.S. Copyright Office registration and renewal records search

additional $50

Multiple Works


Starting with 2 works

1 country

Additional countries:

$99 each

Additional works:

$30 each

U.S. Copyright Office registration and renewal records search

additional $50 per work

Every Durationator Report includes:

  • Preliminary data check by Team Durationator 

  • Copyright or public domain status

  • Calculations, citations, and supplemental legal information

  • Choice of the world's countries to search

  • Lagniappe: If we find more information along the way, either through the data check or through the search process, we will include that at no additional cost.

  • Durationator Tags - examples: US-PD (as of 2011) and UK-IC (though 2067) and custom tags also available

  • Fair Use, Termination of Transfer, Library Exemptions, Restoration, and other add-ons available (no additional charge)

Lagniappe is a term heard often in New Orleans, meaning "a little something extra." 


Profile Reports

Profile Reports include the features of Durationator Reports, but are designed to provide additional information.
Relational: Property profiles are designed for relational searching. Take, for example, Gone with the Wind.  You may want a full property profile of the work—the underlying novel, the movie, later novels, etc. You can provide us with the data (e.g. your own knowledge, or a Thomson CompuMark Copyright Report), or we can do the data search for you.
Overview: Want a basic overview of a period of time, type of work, or era? Radio plays from the 1920s, for example?  
Author/Artist Profile: Want to know the status of the works of Countee Cullen (American, 1903-1946)? This report provides general information, and speciific results for works requested in relation to a given author or artist.  



Up to 5 Relational Works

1 country

Team Durationator

Advanced Data Review

(including U.S. Copyright registration and renewal search) 

Additional $269

Additional countries:

$99 each

Additional  works:

$30 each



Overview memo

1 country

Additional countries:

$99 each

Specific works:

$30 each

Ideal for beginning projects, where specific works may be a secondary consideration. Once specific works are determined, you can later run that search for $30 a work as an add-on.



Overview of copyright status/artist body of work

3 works included

1 country

Additional specific works:

$30 each

Additional countries:

$99 each

DIY copyright status table

U.S. Copyright Registration and Renewal Records search included

Spreadsheet Reports




Up to 100 works

Limited results (spreadsheet) and overview memo

1 country

Additional countries:

$199 each

Additional works:

$10 each

Other packages available for more than 100 works

Spreadsheet Reports are designed for large searches of similar items.


  • Digitizing 1000 Latin American periodicals by a U.S. library

  • Reviewing the copyright status of 400 musical compositions in an estate


How our Spreadsheet program works:

Explain.  First, tell us about your project, and make sure a Spreadsheet Report is the best option. 

Pay.  Then, we will will give you a price quote. Spreadsheet reports include Team Durationator time, as many of the Spreadsheet reports are done by hand, in combination with the Durationator system.

Process.  We will then send you a spreadsheet template to complete, or if you want us to complete the data form, you can provide us access to the works and/or data.

Report.  We will email you a Spreadsheet report, along with an overview memo.  

Spreadsheet Reports can include basic information, information about multiple countries, labels, library exemptions, termination of transfer information, and many more choices.



30% off Durationator Reports, Profiles and Spreadsheet orders



Spreadsheet Reports

Annual MEMBERSHIP Plans are designed for people, companies, firms, and institutions that address copyright issues on a regular basis.  


The plans are designed to mix and match.  


Access to the Durationato Research Portal is included with all memberships.


Pay as You Go: Discounted Reports and Profiles for upfront purchase. 


Premium: 1 report, profile or spreadsheet a week


Enterprise: Unlimited reports, including U.S. Copyright  Records. One institutional account.  Some limits apply.

$200 per Durationator Report and Profiles expedited

Up to 5 countries

$30 for each additional work

Pay as You Go


Durationator Reports, Profiles and Spreadsheets

1 submitted for processing by Team Durationator

at a time 


Additional Reports and Profiles $175



Durationator Reports, Profiles and Spreadsheets

Ideal for 

Corporation, Content Industry, Attorneys

Alll Durationator Tools and Resrouces included

Direct Searching

in the system




Just Need A

U.S. Registration

and rEnewal Search?


Custom Options

We are happy to work with you on custom options:

  • Auditing results

  • Custom searches for large projects

  • Consulting for projects

  • Integrations with systems

  • Large companies or multiple campus universities

  • Consortiums

  • Integrating the Durationator system into your products


and much more!

Our system is flexible.  Our Team Durationtor is standing by to assist.  Contact us.

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